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Welcome to my blog.

I grew up on 50th & Humboldt N. Right in the middle of the 5th congressional district.

played in the parks on all the team sports, and graduated from Patrick Henry in 1980. What this district is more than anything else is blue collar, and with that came the strict rule of a father. Thats what needs to be brought back to not just this district but many, many others.

Bringing back the focus on education, and not incarceration. We’ve gotten to where we’re at do to many reasons, and theirs enough blame to go around. The power lies in who you choose to represent you in Washington. I will not go there as your representative just to stay the course and fallow the leader. I want to give the power back to the teachers and put the fathers back at the head of the kitchen table.

Them are the two places where tolerance and literacy are learned. There’s not a man out there that doesn’t want to support his family, and want a better life for his children regardless of race. I’m going to get our jobs back you can count on that.

No more children are going to get past the third grade unless they can read at that level, and so with every grade thereafter. Teachers need in there toolbox whatever tools it takes to achieve that because if you can read you’ll never be lost.

I’m itching to blog about jobs, and my argument as to why I believe corporate inversion is unconstitutional. Give me a couple of days to get the right words together. All I’m asking for is your vote in the primary on the 4th of August.

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