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Some of the things that helped shaped who who I am.

I need to get this topic covered because it’s important to me and it’s more off who I am.

My mother said to me a few years back

“if I would have known you’d turn out so much like your father I wouldn’t have let you spend so much time together” that’s one of those comments that always stays with you. My mother did not intend that to be a compliment, and at the time neither did I. Because It was one of those things that people say without giving it a second thought, or who their saying it to that can cut to the core. It buzzed around in my bonnet for quite some time I cannot think of a better comment. She denies saying it and I’ve never said how I inferred it. I guess she’ll know now. Their were other factors at play between her relationship with my father, and mine.

On Memorial Day I go out to Ft. Snelling and visit the graves that mean a lot to me and have molded me into the man that I am. My Grandfather Ralph, and my fathers Charles. Grandpa was in the infantry in the First World War, came home a private. My father was a cannon cocker in Korea which means he was a artillery man, with just about everyone else in that war. Their was more artillery shells fired on North Korea than their was in the whole Second World War.

He came home a PFC, and three bronze battle stars. I’ll get to me in a little bit because I need to give you a perspective that is important.

I look back on what I can only describe as one of the places I cut my teeth, and have some very fond memories of. The VFW post that was on 51st and Penn. It was known as Clarance LaBelle. It’s gone now, and in its place are some new houses that are out of place with the other homes in the neighborhood. I still live only a stones throw from there. I vividly remember going there for lunch many, many times and having a lightbulb sandwich, a little bag of chips, and a glass of beer. The coins on the bar that the guys had laying in front of them I could have to play only one game, because they didn’t want me to play the one in the corner that was the pin ball machine because it was to loud.

I played a lot of salt bowling. That was also the last time I put salt in my beer because that’s what they did. Their were times my father would leave and they would watch over me. One of those comments you hear that stays with you I heard over and over from my father and I’m sure some of the other guys there, and I still apply today regardless of what fresh hell I have gotten myself into. Wake up every morning and thank God your an American, and I do. I like to say that my blood is OD green, and that is where the seeds were sown.

I stood in the ranks, and lived in the barracks for four years. I have done things I would be more than happy to repeat, and others that there would be no way in hell I would. I would never trade them years for any college degree, and I excelled at being a soldier and I’ve never heard of anyone who earned the rank of Sargent as fast as I did. I too will be interned at Ft. Snelling.

This has been a goal of mine for many years to represent this district in Congress, and do the fighting, or whatever it takes to change the perception others have for my neck of the woods. You scratch the surface of any man in these woods and what you’ll discover is a hard working man that dreams the same dreams regardless of race, or any of the other issues that the politicians can dream up to keep us divided.

I have to say that I’m more than a little offended, and so should every man and woman that lives in this district that theirs nobody native to here that is qualified to hold this office. This election will be won or lost in the democratic primary. It’s been 62 years since we’ve elected a Republican to represent us, and for good reasons because it was the end of the Eisenhower administration, and that man knew his shit. Is that all we have to do our fighting for us is a woman from Somalia, or a man from Jamaica. If either of them are successful on August 9th the best you can hope for other than to die in your sleep is more off the same downward trajectory we’re currently on.

It’s no secret that everyone knows that when it comes to the candidate this district votes along racial lines. It’s your vote to do with what you think is best for you, and that is exactly what you should do. Now pull that lever, or mark that chad for a candidate you want there because you’re enlightened and informed because it goes without saying and everyone knows we have been doing the wrong thing to long.

In closing until next time I’m going to leave you with a quote from Winston Churchill when they stood alone against the Nazi’s, and where being bombed during the blitz. “America will do the right thing just as soon as they try everything else first”

Do the right now and vote for me if for nothing else because I’m the last person they want to see show up as your representative because I’m not anyone’s lap dog, I’m very passionate about this.

When I think of all the men that didn’t come home because they laid down there lives for us to be free, and have self determination. Do not let them down!

I’ve got so much more to say, but I have to stop for now and reboot.

Thank you so much.

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