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Occum’s razor.2

My father who laid the foundation that the man that I am is resting comfortably on is the well where I draw my water! The well that has been supplying the water for that shinning city on the hill has been tainted, and is poisoning all who drink from it. I cannot make it any simpler then that. I’m offering to quench the thirst of that city from the cool clear water I’ve been drawing from my well.

Truman desegregated the armed forces in the late forties between the Second World War, and the Korean War. Korea was my fathers war, and what I know about standing in the ranks is fuck, or fight them are your brothers. Make no mistake about it you’ll be weeded out if you can’t keep in step with them, and that’s not racially specific.

Their was two big families growing up within a couple blocks of each other one black, and one white. The Jackson boys grew up and worked for railroad as gandy dancers, and if I’m not mistaken retired from the railroad. The Schluter boys worked in the tree business at one time or another. You never addressed Mr. Jackson without first saying mister, and the same was true with my father.

It was in the winter and I was just a young boy.

Their was a knock on the front door when my father answered the door it was Mr. Jackson, and he said Mr. Schluter, Mr. Schluter the truck won’t run and the payments won’t stop. What do you think my father said when he turned around? He said we’re not getting paid today we’re working for Mr. Jackson.

That line of thought needs to be restored in our society. Do not let anyone else tell you that’s not community policing. Racial tolerance can only be tough at the kitchen table. If you’re not on board with that your the problem. People that know me know of one of my passions that I forgot more of than most people know. The civil war is that passion, and what it all boils down to is this. Appomattox Courthouse On April 9th 1865 is the day my country finally recognized what it fought and won the revolution over. On that date we acknowledged as a country that all men are created equal. Two thousand years earlier one man died to give man faith. It took 640,000 men to die to give men freedom. Shame on you if you don’t give the men who give their all for their country what they deserve, and it’s our job to demand it. Keep that in mind!

What’s evident today are these two forces tearing apart the weave in the fabric that all the morals of our society wraps itself up in. Division, and fear! Slice it up equally, and see to it we all get are share because theirs enough blame for us all. I cannot think of anything two things when teamed up more dangerous than them. Bank on it because it’s a recipe for complete destruction. the division is external, and the fear is internal. Their is not a standing force on this planet more powerful than The United States Armed Forces. The only possible way to defeat it is to divide it. The enemy from without, and fear is from the enemy from within. We are putting my countries future in the hands of someone who only heard about the greatness, but didn’t experience any of it. That’s what you get if you stay the course, or you can vote for someone who doesn’t have a clue that this is not fantasy land. Maybe he thinks he’s in Jamaica the country of his birth. My friend Donna that I have feelings for, and she lives right across the street from the park, and elementary school of my youth. A couple of weeks ago I was in her driveway making sure the garage door closed when I heard a few gun shots followed by a fully automatic machine pistol my ear recognized it as a mini-mac 10. I put myself in a position to see if I could recognize any vehicles leaving from the area. Unfortunately they went in the opposite direction. It took longer then I figured it would for law enforcement to show up. Moral of this story, that’s a game changer, and it’s as simple as this. How in the hell does a weapon with that rate of fire land in the hands of someone who is without a doubt to immature for it, and at best irresponsible. I did the best I could to drive home just how much more dangerous that weapon is. Them weapons were designed for trench warfare not childrens issues in the park. As fare as military assault weapons such a as .226, or 5.56mm weapons should only be intrusted in the possession of a veteran. All the civilian training in the world can never cover the training of BRM. My first award was BRM champion of Ft. Dix. Put it like this “it’s a hell of a lot more irresponsible of us to stand around with our thumbs up our asses and do nothing than it is for them to obtain them“ Both sides of the law have to toe that line. I’m a boy and I know all to well that sometimes you have to settle your disputes in a physical altercation, and that’s has always been here, and will always be here. I’m not In anyway suggesting we repeal any of our rights especially the ones that have strong wording such as shall not be infringed upon. The most important responsibility I have is to protect my home and my loved ones from any threat, up to and including guests. It’s not a difficult issue as long as the greed and money is removed. that in a nutshell is what plagues all that is destroying my country‘s values from the top down. I need and want votes from all races so the country will know that we’re ready, willing, and most of all able to pilot the ship with a steady hand on the tiller. My neck of the woods has broad shoulders, strong backs, and a blue collar mentality smoldering in them that you can be assured of.

Never, never, never stand and watch a man struggle without jumping in and offering assistance. I actually believed that was the golden rule because I heard it so much. We need to fallow that advice now more then ever because of all the struggling that’s going on all around the country. I want to restore the pride and sense of achievement that accompanies a hard days work and the fair days pay. this is not rocket science it’s well within the our abilities. On August 10th we’ll have the answers to what you want. More of the same, or send Congress someone that they don’t want me!

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