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Creek view last night

Last night I went to the local park board recreation center because they were having a June teeth event. Creekview is the name of the recreation center, and I grew up only one block from there and still live within a stones throw from there. I remember when they built it many, many years ago, and I was sure I would see someone from my youth there but I didn’t see anyone. What I did see was a neighborhood evening event with the same mix of races that that were there 50 years ago. Just as or more behaved as my generation. I do know this, because I had a conversation with a second cousin late last summer about his family history book he’s working on. His Grandmother is my fathers sister’s daughter, or my cousin. They lived on the corner of 48th Girard, and we lived on 50th and Humboldt. He couldn’t believe that I still live in the area with all the crime. I can’t remember what suburb he lives in, but it made my point. A vast majority if not all of the negative talk is from people that don’t live here, and by doing that makes their little corner of the world seem just a little better. After all people only talk bad about another person to make themselves feel better. Wouldn’t the same apply to neighborhoods? Needless to say I was very comfortable and I’m happy that in my neck of the woods all will be fine.

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