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Congressional duties

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Article 1, section 8, paragraphs 1,12,13,14,15, and 16. Them are the paragraphs that layout the duties of Congress when it applies to providing for our common defense.

In today’s connected world I believe that I can make an argument that Congress is not holding up their sworn duties. Everything that an army needs to perform at the levels we as citizens demand has to be manufactured under the umbrella of our forces. That is no longer the case because of so many of our high tech industries moving offshore. Theirs nothing we can do about that other than taking away all the tax write offs that they still enjoy, and apply to their bottom line away.

That’s for all inverted corporations wether you manufacture left socks, or electronic control units. It’s no secret that when corporations get a massive tax cut, and our elected officials tell us that when they receive more to the bottom line it’s going to be put back into the economy by employing more workers. The only thing they can agree on is to be careful not to call it trickle down economics. I can only hope that everyone knows by now that only one thing trickles down. What they do with the tax incentIves is buy back stock in their corporations so they have more control.

For starters no more tax free rite offs for advertising over our airwaves. It’s bad enough we have to suffer through what they think is cleaver salesmanship when all it really is, is dumbing us down. You take our jobs we’re taking the free ride you’ve been enjoying on our airwaves.

When they purchase back their own stocks for more control of the corporation they’re going to pay a flat sales tax on the purchase of their stocks. Our elected officials in Washington know what they do with that money added to their bottom line. No more politicians owning, or investing in the stock market. I’m tired of hearing that they obtained their wealth through the stock market. The only way I see it, or can explain the extreme day to day numbers on the DOW is manipulation. If you want to live, sleep, and raise your family under the umbrella of security that my country provides you have a obligation to do your part be it large, or be it small. If we don’t get off the path that we’re on then the one to blame for our demise will be those who stood there and said and did nothing but watch.

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