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All is as it should be beyond the reach of man.

We’re killing our planet as we know it, and theirs many reasons why. When theirs a major disaster and many lives are lost such as a airliner crash it never because of one thing.

Its always because of something ballooning out of control which causes more things to go wrong and conspire with it to take it down. That’s what I believe we’re in the middle of when it concerns our planet.

When I was very young I remember watching my fathers brush chipper run for quite some time. I was to young to be anywhere around the back of it for my safety.

this is a very vivid memory, and it stuck with me since. I sat there and started to figure out just how it worked. Pretty impressive I have to say for how young I was. It all came down to fresh air in, and exhaust out. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and it didn’t take long before I started to get concerned about it. I even recall sticking my face near the exhaust of vehicles and breathing. It didn’t take long before I asked my father how long will it take before the air we breathe is all gone. His response was you don’t have to worry about that because the world is large enough, and theirs plenty to go around. I know now that nature has ways of consuming the carbon’s in the atmosphere, but we‘re doing what we do best when it come to the way it should be. We do our best to exploit and devour it all for the bottom line. I’m in no way saying to stop drilling, mining, clear cutting, and producing what I’m saying is conserve and use our heads.

It’s time to start discussing population control the planet cannot sustain the numbers we’re at now. That is something that wouldn’t take long. theirs only three thing that control over population. Disease, famine, and war them are the choices if we don’t start talking about it. It all revolves around our addiction to oil, and the love affair with the automobile. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just effortlessly turn off the spicket that has been quenching our thirst for oil, and just flick a switch without even a hiccup. That more than likely will not happen, but I do have hope when it comes to changing the way we live, and think The right people making the smart decisions with the ability to be frank, and honest with their constituents only then can the hard work begin. This is a global issue, and their needs to be full compliance from everyone without exception. The earth is a living body no different then yours and mine, and it’s on loan to us by the next generation we’re just ste wards in charge of our children‘s lives.

The layer of the atmosphere we live in is thinner then you probably realize and all the rest is hostile and deadly. I like to say that we’re all just tic turds in the grand scheme of it all. Give it some thought and ask yourself if this isn’t important enough to be doing your part. It is for me, and that is why I’m running for this seat. Everyone wants to change the politicians then vote them out before it’s to late. I agree with that and now I need you to send someone you want to speak up and be heard and let them know what it is that needs to be done in all the towns in all the states starting with yours. I will not let you down and I’ll shoot from the hip regardless of the consequences. That’s rule #1

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