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Introducing Candidate Nateschluter5thdistrictcandidate Minneapolis

The Reason I'm Getting In The Game

  There are many more reasons why I'm adding my name to the list of candidates, than there are reasons not to.

  They say the constitution is a living breathing document, I agree. But like everything thing else our healthcare system is dragging it down and put it in the poorhouse. It needs to be in the I.C.U. on life support, so it can recover. we need to get back to the basics, before all the lines got blurred and we lost sight of what it means and what it was for. We need to get our constitution back to work, doing what we need it to do. If we fail ,within two generations, there will only be post 911 people who've only known security screenings, an out of touch government, and a broken judicial system. The light that shines down from the hill, will remain off, never to shine again. Instead all that will come is what we've all come to expect, the shadow of doubt.

 This is the Superbowl, and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit on my hands with my eyes wide shut, say and do nothing within my abilities,let alone within my rights to recover, and maintain the ball. After what should be described as a super slow motion fumble by my team. While always remembering  what I do with the ball affects the rest of the players.

  It's time to put in the new guy, before we're past the point of no return. Let's make  the constitution our mission statement government actually made up of its people and not politicians with their own agendas. let's not keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. That is the definition of insanity.

  On draft day August 9, 2022 when we pick our player for the 5th congressional district democratic primary, please don't do what oakland did in 2007,but instead do what Houston did in 1978. that's what I intend to bring to the field of play. It's crunch time for the voters of the 5th district, if you give me the ball and make me your choice of candidates you won't be disappointed. After all if your going to play ball in Minneapolis, you pick someone from the neighborhood who knows Minneapolis rule,  who's heart is in the game.

  Please stay in touch with my web page. When the time arrives for you to pull the handle in favor of someone to carry the ball. Remember winners have one thing in common, they want possession of the ball 

Nate Putting his name on the ballot
nate's army buddies
Nate's in the military


Get in touch with me, I would like to start having the conversations with you that your having already and other politicians aren't listening too.

4930 N Xerxes Ave
Minneapolis, Hennepin County 55430


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